My Pattern Is In Knitty!

Today is the moment I’ve been waiting for since March, when I found out my design had been accepted by Knitty.  The Knitty First Fall 2014 issue is live!  The only way I could be happier is if I won the lottery and half of it was paid in chocolate.

Voilà Jasseron:


The sweater model is someone for whom the word “friend” is inadequate.  Mandy (madgeface on Ravelry) is a fellow knitter, someone who shares my love of fabulous food and wine, a designer in her own right, a confidant, a roller derby champ, a repository of obscure movies and grammar rules, a person who knows how to gently point out when I’m being an ass (she gets lots of practice at it), and my Maid of Honor last year (see below).  I’m lucky to know her.


Now back to the design!

I named the sweater Jasseron for the song by French chanteuse Emily Loizeau.  And because she’s one of my favorite musicians, I’m also linking to her incredibly creative video for Je suis jalouse.

I’m a sucker for wide necklines – ballet, bateau, you name it – as they give the illusion of wider shoulders and draw the eyes up and away from the waist.  It’s a much more subtle distraction than doing jazz hands or making weird faces.  I may or may not have done this before.  A lot of my designs feature twisted ribbing as opposed to regular 1×1 ribbing.  I find that it looks neater and the stitches wind up more uniform than in regular ribbing.  The yarn is Neighborhood Fiber Co. Studio Sport in Lauraville (MC) and Remington (CC).  As you can see in the sleeve detail photo, it has great stitch definition and the colors are very rich with a lot of depth.  A big thank you to Karida Collins of Neighborhood Fiber Co. for providing the yarn!


The hardest part of designing this sweater was reworking the short row shaping across all the different sizes.  The hem wasn’t so bad but the short rows in lace at the upper part of the sleeves were a monster.  In the future, I’ll continue to use that method of shaping, but in lace?  Not so much.

Fingers crossed that lots of people will knit Jasseron.  I can’t wait to see how it looks in different colors and sizes!





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