KAL Part One? Check.

I’d posted previously about the Meryl Streep Chevron Lace Cardigan KAL currently going on over at the Silver Screen Knits Ravelry group, and in a fit of madness I committed to knitting two of them. That would be two Streeps on top of the two I’ve already knitted as samples. There’s probably something wrong with me.

Yesterday, I finished the first one – a scaled down version to fit my 6 year-old daughter. You can read about my mods to the pattern here but, basically, I used a DK weight yarn (SweetGeorgia Superwash DK) and size US 7 needles, cast on fewer sts, shortened the length (obviously) and gave it long sleeves. Here it is:

IMG_2082   IMG_2062

And here’s a close-up of the lace detail and one with the sweater unbuttoned because I am being that mom who posts more photos of her kid than strictly necessary.  I should mention that the daylilies are my husband’s doing.  He’s the one that keeps our yard gorgeous and continuously reminds me that plants need water in order to not die.  That’s why the garden is his job and I take care of the things that can verbalize their needs.

IMG_2058  IMG_2043

I have one more Streep to go before I officially call it quits on knitting that pattern; however, I plan to wait a week or two before casting on in order to make some more progress on this giant pile of gorgeousness.  Fortunately, it’s unseasonably cool for summer so I can handle being completely covered up with this thing as I knit it.


This next bit isn’t knitting-related but it fills me up with nerdy grammar-loving warm tingly feelings. Also, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who doesn’t care for Oxford commas.


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