Month: August 2014

Cake or Death? Ooh, Cake Please.

To say the past few weeks have been busy for me is an understatement akin to saying the plague was just a bunch of people who felt a little under the weather.  I have a tendency to procrastinate, which sometimes serves me well as I do decent work under pressure.  Some things can’t be left to the last minute, though.  Like boning up on my French immediately before a trip to France.  In my head, I speak excellent French, I can even speak it out loud with some skill.  Actually speaking to a native French speaker has not yet happened so I’m fairly certain I will sound like an idiot.

To help me procrastinate on the French, I offered to make cake decorations for the birthday of a friend’s daughter.  She’s turning six and couldn’t be any cuter with her massive head of curly red hair, much like Merida from Brave.  And what did she want on her cake you might ask?  Robot princesses!  *swoon*  I love a non-traditional girl.  Somehow I didn’t get a single shot of the whole cake in focus because of course I didn’t.  But I took a couple close-ups with more detail.  I’ll never be great at this sort of stuff but it’s still pretty fun and I can eat the mistakes.


IMG_5730  IMG_5729

No, I didn’t make the flowers.  I wish.

Earlier this year, I made a T-Rex skeleton cake for my own daughter’s birthday.  That was way easier as fossils are supposed to be kind of lumpy and the “dirt” (crushed graham crackers and Oreos) covered any mistakes.



Here’s the skeleton prior to being in situ.

photo 2

Now for the knitting-related stuff, since this is primarily a knitting blog: if nothing goes wrong, I’ll have a pattern in the Winter 2014 issue of Knitty!  This really feels like lightning striking twice and I’m happy since that’s only an analogy.  The photo shoot was today, featuring a gorgeous friend who kindly modeled my designs.  The photos are amazing so it’s killing me that I can’t share them here but they will be published (again, barring catastrophes) this December.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the passing of Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall this week.  I remember watching Mork & Mindy when I was a kid and being so excited that he was in the Popeye movie.  And Lauren Bacall … what a loss.

And now for some Eddie Izzard: