Month: November 2014

Knitty: Part Deux

What, you expected a post some time between August and November?  Pshaw!  No one tells me what to do when I’m procrastinating!

Actually, I was waiting for some good news, and now I have it.  One of my patterns will be published in the upcoming Winter 2014 issue of Knitty!  It’s not so much one pattern as two patterns in one.  I can’t give away too much information at the moment but I can say the yarn is SweetGeorgia Superwash DK and that the colors are perfect for brightening up a dreary winter day.  That issue should be coming out sometime in early December so keep your eyes peeled!

In other news, this August, my husband and I, along with our daughter, went on a belated honeymoon to London and Paris.  As I’m not a travel writer, I won’t go into much detail.  Suffice it to say, we will be visiting both places again, especially since we spent such a short time in London.  When asked what her favorite part of the trip was, my daughter replied: “Feeding the pigeons.”  It wasn’t seeing amazing things like the Tower of London or skull mosaics in the Paris Catacombs or eating barbe à papa under the Eiffel Tower (or having breakfast at Café des Deux Moulins from Amélie, but that was more exciting for me!); it was feeding the pigeons.  At least she’s very easy to please.

IMG_2726  IMG_2870

Naturally, I had to buy yarn while we were on vacation and went to Cat’Laine at 19 rue Saint-Marc – 75002, Paris.  With its screamingly bright pink exterior, it’s hard to miss.  Just be sure to bring cash if you go as they don’t accept credit cards.  I wanted to find yarn that was actually produced in France, which wasn’t that easy.  I ended up with four small balls of pale pink fonty BB Mérinos and one ball of Lanas Stop Reina, which is made in Spain.


I also got five beautiful buttons from Dam Boutons at 46, rue d’Orsel – 75018, Paris.  It was only once I got back to the US that I noticed the color of one of the five didn’t match the others.  Oh well, it was still an amazing store to browse and the proprietor was extremely friendly and helpful (and mistook me for an Australian).

IMG_3043 IMG_3044

So now it’s back to real life and we’re enjoying the new family members we adopted once we got back from the trip.  I haven’t really tried knitting around them yet.  Kinda scared.

Here’s Mac and Charlie (cat names courtesy of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia):


I promise to post again much sooner!