Month: December 2014

Second Knitty Pattern is Live

I repeat, my second Knitty Pattern is live!  I’d write more but I’m too busy busting open the wine!

IMG_7713a  IMG_7596


If only …

… this could be a poster for my daughter’s room.



The ultimate bromance!

In knitting news, back in 2012, Knitty published Bigger on the Inside by Kate Atherley, a lovely, TARDIS-y shawl.  In November of this year (2014 for those not keeping track), Coryna Blasko of Heathcote Road published a pattern based on that shawl.  Her “14 Daleks and the TARDIS” shawl is a bit bigger on the outside and has a much much larger Dalek : TARDIS ratio and I’m knitting one as we speak with some stash yarn from Maryland Sheep & Wool that was purchased a couple years ago.  Why don’t you knit one as well?  The world can always use more Doctor Who knitwear!