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Susie Myers – Inventor of the Contiguous Sleeve Method (and my new hero)

I’m not always a big fan of knitting top down sweaters.  They’re fine for stranded colorwork or lace yokes but I’m partial to well defined set-in sleeves and I have a love of mattress stitching that my friends don’t understand.  This is why Susie Myers is my hero.  She has managed to combine the ease of top down knitting and design with the look of set-in sleeves.  I may not be able to get my mattress stitching fix with this method, but its brilliance more than makes up for any deprivation I may experience!

I had the pleasure of designing a cardigan, using her method, which will be published in Silver Screen Knits, Volume Two next month and couldn’t be happier with the result.  As soon as I receive a few photos from the photographer, I will post them here.

You can download a free PDF of Susie’s Contiguous Sleeve Method on Ravelry in English, French, Dutch, Italian, German or Spanish.  Susie recommends the blog, Unwind Brighton.  If you’ll be in the Brighton area this July, check it out!



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